My Story..

“Consistency is what transforms an average into excellence.”

Shambhavi’s journey with the cards started almost 18 years ago.

She comes from a respected family of Bihar and it is a tradition in their family to be spiritually inclined, as much as one must be was formally educated. So, her inclination towards her spiritual world was given.

Her induction to this came through Reiki and Nyaas healing. Over the years she learnt other aspects of spirituality and continued to be a student with a thirst for spiritual knowledge.

Having studied the science, she realized that there is a calling to the mystic world and a huge appetite to learn the various modalities. She continued to invest in learning new modalities and keeps upgrading her knowledge bank.

For her, life has been a bitter sweet journey, with its fair share of ups and down. In her tryst with her spiritual world,she learnt the most valuable lessons of life, which is to ‘value what one has’ and ‘the power of now’.

Shambhavi studied  Hospitality and Management, post which she worked in hospitality and corporate world for over a decade. While she was growing professionally she continued her relationship with the mystic world, which eventually became her full time passion.

She comes across as a very experienced soul, when one connects with her. The kind and variety of people she has met and helped them is appreciative. She loves to travel and has experienced a variety of cultures and traditions. She has worked across a spectrum of industries, whilst continuing her spiritual advancement. She masters the art of tarot along with other spiritual healing forms and has been featured in various interviews and media platforms. She is also a life coach to many.

A self made woman, Shambhavi  has built a brand for herself and is recognized in the field of tarot , vaastu ,life coach and various other modalities. She believes in helping those who reach out to her, in her
simple and unique way and often says

“to achieve something that you really want,
will it from the heart and universe, will bring it to you. 
Also, your level of success is determined by your level of discipline and perseverance”