Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome, If it’s your first handshake to my mystic world..

I would request you to kindly go through my FAQ’s

Can I get instant appointments?

All appointments are subject to availability. There are limited slots during the day, so it is advisable to book a day in advance.

What do I expect; in a tarot session?

Tarot is a divination and guiding tool which assists you with your questions.  In order to seek clear replies, one must seek appointments, where there are clear questions. So, in a tarot session, you expect your questions to be answered.

How long does the session last?

30 mins and 60 mins. One can choose a session based on their questions.

Ideally if it’s your first time, opt for an hour with solutions for complete clarity.

Do you suggest solutions, and is it chargeable?

Of course! Tarot does suggest solutions, which are simple and doable. Yes, its charged separately.

What happens if I book a session for 30 mins and I finish my questions in 20 mins?

Since the session was booked for 30 mins, you will pay for the same. If there is time remaining, it can be consumed post session for a question. Hence you get full value for the reading amount.

Can I –  reach anytime after I have an appointment?

No, I would appreciate and expect all my clients to value time and reach as per appointment. There are limited slots available during the day, and  delay caused by one person,affects the others.We don’t like to WAIT and keep others waiting !

Are the remedies magic, and do I expect magic?

Remedies are effective, provided they are taken regularly. They are not magic and the results vary.

What do I do, if I cannot reach in person ?

All appointments are subject to availability. If you cannot reach in person, you can book an online slot or do a telephonic round,again subject to availability.