Tarot Consultation & Classes

Tarot is one of the oldest forms of divinition, that predicts what lies ahead of you. Its both a science and an art,each card that one picks up to seek guidance has 78,000 meaning each. Its interesting to know that each and every card is very intense. Its been a journey of 18 years, learning and mastering it. At Tarot For U, I take classes and teach the art.  

Vaastu Consultation & Classes

Vaastu, is the science of direction.. Any prolonged illness, financial issues, delayed marriage or baby ,needs a vaastu look up.

Connect for consultation and classes. 

Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting Analysis reveals a mind, a personality, that isn't hidden by any biases .. It reveals even the smallest of behavior.. So the analysis is the careful science

Healing Through Art

Healing Through Art,  is a science and an art, of healing emotions. This is a unique workshop that includes, a combination of  meditation, music and art.

Colour Therapy

Colors resonates around us.. Imagine a world without colors.. So black n white and monotonous. Its important to know the power of colours and when to use it and how to use it. At Tarot For u, there are many workshops, talks and soon coming up with classes. 

Life Coach Sessions

"We all want to be heard", isn't it Tarot For U - Shambhavi will patiently hear you and guide you through your issues and problems without being judged. You may get in touch with her, to book your sessions.

Meditation Sessions

While prayers are a regular way of putting forth our thoughts.. Meditation is a way to calm one self and to listen to the answers seeked.. At Tarot For U, Shambhavi will guide you to calming ones mind.. 

Numerology & Namelogy

Numerology is the science of numbers.. Get the names and house numbers corrected.

Angel Reading & Healing

Angels surround us all the times.. Come either get angel answers or learn the science of talking to them.


Switchwords, are almost like magic words that heals any situations.. You may connect to know more about it.


Colors resonates around us.. Imagine a world without colors.. So black n white and monotonous.

Navagraha Healing

With the right kind of mantra one heals the navagraha to be blessed with abundance and prosperity.

Unique WhatsApp Workshops

Shambhavi conducts many unique whatsapp workshops, like the money spell,the tulsi spell, the moon workshop and many more. Connect with her to know more.

Crystal Therapy

Crystals are natural healers, its important to be aware about the crystals and what resonates, with one self. So many times,its seen the crystals take away the negativity.

Dreams Interpretation and Awareness

Dreams is a realm of  itself.. Its a space where the dreams are assigned a meaning.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is an alternative science developed in 1922, its an energy healing module. Shambhavi is trained till level 3.. So she can heal anyone at a distance as well.

Colour Workshop for Children

Colours and children directly connects with each other. Its important to ensure , children wear and use the right colours in the right proportion. In my stint of dealing with kids, I have been instrumental in understanding the child's behavior by just seeing his patterns of drawings and the use of colors. I conduct regular workshops for kids.

Doodles Analysis & Learning

Doodles are these random drawings on paper, that has a psychological interpretation. Which when analysed , speaks our mind. Its interesting to see what we casually analyse has so much to speak about us.