Bach flower

Its a unique flower healing remedy remedy.. Coming Soon with workshops..

Money Workshop

Money is an energy..  Did you know there are money karma's also..??

Through this unique spell you empower your financial luck. Join regular money workshops. 

Chakra Healing

There are 7 main energy centers in the body, known as chakras. These chakras controls the various emotions in the body.. They need to be healed from time to time to ensure the body is in perfect balance.

Relationship Healing

So often we witness issues, in relationships .. Most of them are karma affected. Come heal your issues with me..

Space Cleaning

Often there is prolonged behavioral pattern seen in the house. This denotes stagnation, its a good practice to get the space cleansed with powerful chants and mantras to empower the homes with abundance.

Monthly,Online tips WhatsApp group

This is a new what'sapp workshop introduced.where tips are being given everyday. So there be 30 different kinds of tips about various things in ones life.

To get added to the group, connect on the coordinates shared.

Personalised Vaastu Shopping assistance

Its important to equally shop right... and to bring back home what empowers our spaces. Its important that each and every item is carefully picked up to keep our homes blissful and abundantly fulfilling.

Tarot For U WhatsApp group

There is a what'sapp group created to stay connected with the regular offers and for Q & A.. Join a no nonsense, group where knowledge is free flowing..

Tarot Spell

There are various simple spells that one can do with the Tarot Cards, these empowered cards can be put together in a pattern to manifest a wish.. 

Come learn the spells. Recommended to those, who have done the tarot workshop.